Mandatory health rules

Due to the covid crisis, some health rules are to be respected in the music rooms.
  • Antiseptic gel is provided to registered members only in all music rooms.Disinfection of hands is mandatory for everyone who enters the rooms.
  • If you have not registered at MusiCS but still want to use the room, you are to bring your own antiseptic gel.
  • Music rooms can only accomodate a limited number of people: 6 people in e.091, 5 people in “big” rooms, 2 people in “small” rooms (this is displayed on the doors).
  • All participants are to keep a minimum 1m50 distance.If you want to practice a wind instrument, you are to keep a 2m50 distance from everyone else.
  • Whenever members of a same club want to use a music room, their club is in charge of checking that everyone abides by the health rules during repetitions and other musical activities.
  • You are asked to wear a mask if possible
  • No instrument is to be shared between users.
  • If you leave your personal belongings in a music room, we will have to throw them away.

We count on you to abide by these rules! Please be careful, were the rules left unrespected, we may have to close the music rooms indefinitely.

One last basic rule: it is forbidden to eat in the rooms and to bring beverages,since the rooms shelter delicate instruments. Due to covid, water is no exception.When in doubt, please check our policy statement that you had to sign upon registration.